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A busy life for the money 5 constellation
2010-01-29 06:21
Perhaps it is because there is no sense of security may be a money-grubber Some of Constellation's life as "money" busy rush together let's see it!

Fifth place: Taurus

In fact,darkfall gold, they are not very materialistic, but also did not say how much money must be earned, but because all just right, He is also more pragmatic, and the current situation is bad, he would have a sense of crisis, it is because they earn a lot of big money, it usually will show interest and fetched the money and spending, so even if there is no ambition, but in this life will not stop working, unless the Society financial investment, but he is also part of conservative fiscal management, so in this life or in the calculating how the money is for.

Fourth place: Virgo

Virgo the bottom of the desire that there should be enough food and clothing, this matter is very important, and they are work hard, for example, that he finally had a house again that day is to work hard for this house, because he would not to sell the house, that is what they already have no intention to lose, so he would rather work hard for fear of losing,fallen earth chips, usually will be accumulated over more and more.

Third: Gemini

Gemini likes to take care of others, like to take quite a lot of responsibility, but they are very generous on their own people, such as families reach out to them, he would recognize inexplicable, and sometimes will be very obedient. Frankly, if Gemini no burden to bear, but will become poor Oh, there is the burden of not're wrong.

The second: Sagittarius

The first is the person shooter himself restless, there is still more second he would get into trouble, a lot of shooters to be complacent, more money began indiscriminately beating, smashing, smashed into was deceived, or how kind of the start liabilities, after that, there is Zaipaqilai, in short, their life is rich with the money between the cycle of ups and downs belong to type.

The first: Capricorn

Capricorn One is a very sensible caring, that is, from childhood do not know why, he felt that eating at home with the family will be embarrassed, it seems to me to pay more only comfortable, be able to advance a society out of society, grown up,tibia gold, a sense of crisis also strong, and then the money is not enough, his life is being busy.

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