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Curcumin helps cancer longevity
2010-10-20 04:58
A recent U.S. study found that curcumin can play a role in extending the life of animals, because this substance the body rich in beneficial antioxidants and other chemical ingredients.

University of California, Irvine researchers in the new issue of "anti-aging research," the magazine reported that they had to fly for the object studied. It was found that regular consumption of curcumin if the fruit fly, they can extend the life of 20%, and the activities more flexible and easy to cancer.

Research leader  law says preliminary results show that curcumin contains many anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer ingredients that can cause aging on Drosophila genes in vivo impact.

Curcumin is extracted from turmeric root, a substance commonly used in food flavoring compound. Therefore, the researchers said, curcumin's "longevity" effect may also apply to humans, because the fruit flies and humans, "many of the same genes and the mechanism of aging", but this needs further study to confirm this.

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