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The supplement received lycopene tomato at once? 2009-12-12 06:52

The supplement received lycopene tomato at once? Men fans tomatées revenues are less at risk of prostate cancer. It was long thought that lycopene was the main driver of this protection. But he would not act alone .

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant from the carotenoid family ,tibia gold, present in large amounts in tomatoes.
This pigment gives the beautiful red color to the fruit. Better assimilated cooked, the best source of lycopene is not the raw food but the cooked tomato products: soup, sauce, ketchup, juice, Bolognese, concentrate, etc..

Epidemiology has suggested repeatedly the benefits of lycopene in the fight against prostate cancer in humans. And as always in these cases, the human hand extracted substance miracle to make the form of supplements, supposed to be much more active. Tens of thousands of Americans are already in daily use

Always the same salad

Researchers at the University of Illinois, Ohio, just take a famous stir by publishing data from long-term animal.

According to them, lycopene would be a factor in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Its presence in the prostate tissue and blood of humans and animals without the disease reflects exposure to lycopene but also to other compounds "X" of the fruit, which probably act in synergy with the pigment.

This hypothesis is drawn from an experiment conducted during 14 months in rodents subjected to chemically prostate cancer. Animals received either a control diet (no detectable lycopene) or the control diet with a supplement of lycopene (the same dosages as those given in humans) or the control diet mixed with whole tomato powder ( with seeds and skin), ten times less rich in lycopene.

Tomato sees red

At the end of study, animals fed the tomato powder showed a longer survival without prostate cancer than the other two groups. Their risk of dying from breast cancer was reduced by 26% compared with controls whereas in rodents supplemented with lycopene did not show a better record of health than untreated animals On the question of which compounds interact with lycopene, there are still no answers.

This study, of course, requires confirmation in humans (they are on track ), calls again on the reckless use too quickly and systematic nutritional supplements. A new molecule is hardly identified, it is already the subject of patents for its implementation in capsule!

They forget that the tomato, and all foods in general are actually complex entities where each ingredient has its role to play in synergy with other components.

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The warm-up exercises for golf 2009-12-09 04:26

Here are five warm-up exercises we provide Dino Masson, Bachelor of Kinesiology and great golfer currently on board a draft magazine collaborative Web-based form, nutrition and sports. Be sure to make a few minutes before you set off on the golf course.

Squat, stick above the head
Lebâton hold above your head with your arms. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Remove the buttocks as if you sit on a aion kinah chair. Step back from your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your back is straight and your heels remain on the ground. Repeat five times.

Cleft side elevation of the stick
Hold the stick in the thighs with the hands placed at shoulder width. Take a step left out the bottom and keeping the back straight. Bend the left leg and keep the right leg extended. Simultaneously lift the golf club at eye level. Bring left leg back down the center and stick on your thighs. Do the same with the right side and perform the sequence five times.
Rotate hips, stick on the shoulders
Place the stick on your trapezius and make sure your hands are placed wider than your shoulders. Rotate left to right hip. Do not exert too much force and try to go naturally. Repeat 10 times.
Shoulder roll
Place your arms at shoulder height, parallel to the floor. Make small circles with your arms from front to rear and grow more and more circles. Do the same in the other direction and repeat ten times.

Rotate wrists
Join your hands together in front of you, make small circles for about thirty seconds. Repeat once or twice. The most advanced golfers can perform this movement with a light stick in his hands.

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Celebrate Mother's Day 2009-12-04 03:46

The brunch is a celebration of the simplest and most comfortable available. The day begins, most people are cheerful, the food plentiful and the atmosphere is festive. We therefore propose to hold a brunch at home for Mother's Day. Here's how to get fallen earth chips there:
What to do?

Of course, the table will be honored when Dresser-worthy in one of your mom! Go with simplicity and good taste. Light colors and pastels are ideal during the day and time. For example, a yellow tablecloth with napkins and white plates will give a beautiful effect. A bouquet of flowers (for Mom, of course) in the same tones may very well serve as a centerpiece. Go for a theme that inspires the joy of living! And why not spray a little perfume atmosphere in the house before the guests arrive? The good smell them an appetite!

What to eat?

To prepare a successful brunch you can really unleash your imagination. It can serve desserts, appetizers and more. For your convenience, and since a brunch is a very convivial meal, you can claim without embarrassment to your guests to bring a cold dish, such as a fruit salad or cake. Ah yes Especially remember to use the classic but delicious mimosa in champagne glasses.

To really make a brunch out of the ordinary, we suggest you add these few original recipes to your menu. If you have tulips in your garden, be aware that they may serve as decorative bowls (once placed on a plate) to make fruit salad. Simply remove the pistil and clean inside and voila! Your guests will be charmed.

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Buying Guide: Organic cleaners 2009-12-02 01:38

There are now more and more cleaning products whose labels indicate they are safe for the environment, but can we really believe? Follow these tips when choosing a cleaning product supposedly "green" to ensure their aion kinah quality.
Watch the ingredients. Avoid products that contain chlorine and ammonia, two ingredients that have a high level of toxicity. The smoke produced by these ingredients become irritating to eyes, nose, throat and lungs. When combined, these two chemicals pose a greater threat because they react together to produce gases harmful to the lungs. It is also recommended to avoid cleaners which is labeled "Danger" or "Poison", as these are likely signs that the product is corrosive and can cause burns or other adverse effects on your health .
Avoid phosphates. Phosphates can soften water, but they also act as fertilizer. When cleaning products containing phosphates are found in pipes and then into bodies of water, especially lakes and rivers, phosphates cause water pollution caused by rapid growth of algae.
Buy products made from plants. The key ingredients in many cleaning products are known as surfactants, which are themselves detergents. The surfactants contained in many cleaning products are petroleum based, although there is more and more that are made from oil, coconut or other vegetable oils. The advantage of using products made from vegetable oil is that these surfactants are renewable resources, while oil is a non-renewable resource that pollutes during its extraction and refinement.
Check the level of biodegradability. Several substances contained in cleaning products will eventually deteriorate, so the word "biodegradable" on its label was perhaps not as valuable as one might think. Search more products that have a more specific words such as "biodegradable in 21 days or less. It is also important to note that the surfactants made from vegetable oils are not necessarily more biodegradable than those made from petroleum.
Avoid nonylphenol ethoxylate. This is a surfactant which is not good biodegradability. Unfortunately, even when used, this ingredient is rarely mentioned on the label. If you see in the list, cons, avoid at all costs using the product. This substance could also adversely affect fish and other wildlife.
Check if the product has been regulated. Be skeptical of products that display on vague statements on the label such as "non-toxic, eco-responsible" or "ecological". These words mean nothing unless they are accompanied by official certification. Therefore made an effort to find references to certifications from a third party such as EcoLogo Program, or Program Design for the Environment (DfE) by the Agency for Environmental Protection of the United States, which standards precise to be met by the products bearing his words.

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Winter squash 2009-12-01 07:33

Unlike summer squash (including zucchini), winter squash are distinguished by their thick skin and inedible. And through this tough skin, winter squash can be stored longer hyper. Stored in a cool, aion kinah,dark place, they will stay fresh for months. Here are five different types of winter squash, and delicious recipes to try for each!
Acorn squash
This squash, also called courgeron "is shaped like an acorn and typically weigh between one and three pounds. The skin of the acorn squash is hard and takes its color from dark green to orange. The flesh is fibrous and slightly sweet in taste. Feel free to incorporate this pumpkin recipes, because it is perfect for cooking.
Suggested Recipes: Stuffed acorn squash with apples, pork chops slow cooker
Butternut Squash
This huge gourd-shaped pear weighs generally between two and five pounds, and has a smooth skin of beige. The flesh of an orange has a sweet nutty taste, very similar to sweet potato. In ripening, the color of pumpkin musk tends to drift to deep orange, and you will notice that the color of his skin is alive, the more its taste is sweet. The butternut squash is excellent when baked, steamed or boiled.
Sugestions Recipe: Bread butternut squash soup butternut squash

Butternut Squash Provencal
It is called in English "Fairytale pumpkin, and its shape is indeed the famous Cinderella carriage. Her skin is a deep orange brownish and its flesh is also orange, is thick but soft. This type of squash is best when baked in the oven, cooking time revealing the sweetness and flavorful flesh. Its unique shape and brilliant color, make it an element of fantastic fall decorating.

Suggested recipes: Pumpkin Pie and Maple
Hubbard Squash
This huge winter squash has a thick skin, thick and lumpy, and its color varies from dark green to vivid orange. Hubbard squash can be sold whole or cut into pieces if too large. Its yellow-orange flesh has a grainy texture. The best way to prepare this squash is to bake or boil, then reduce to a purée.
Suggested recipes: Soup Hubbard squash, Vegetable Stew with Zucchini

Spaghetti Squash
Spaghetti squash gets its name from the fact that his body gets rid filaments reminiscent of the spaghetti when cooked. This little pumpkin-shaped melon has a golden color, and his skin is yellow, his body matures more and taste better. This flesh which is also golden color also has a delicate flavor reminiscent of nuts. To prepare spaghetti squash, cut in half lengthwise and remove its seeds. Then, boil or bake, and then use a fork to release its flesh becomes stringy when sufficiently tender.

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