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A busy life for the money 5 constellation 2010-01-29 06:21

Perhaps it is because there is no sense of security may be a money-grubber Some of Constellation's life as "money" busy rush together let's see it!

Fifth place: Taurus

In fact,darkfall gold, they are not very materialistic, but also did not say how much money must be earned, but because all just right, He is also more pragmatic, and the current situation is bad, he would have a sense of crisis, it is because they earn a lot of big money, it usually will show interest and fetched the money and spending, so even if there is no ambition, but in this life will not stop working, unless the Society financial investment, but he is also part of conservative fiscal management, so in this life or in the calculating how the money is for.

Fourth place: Virgo

Virgo the bottom of the desire that there should be enough food and clothing, this matter is very important, and they are work hard, for example, that he finally had a house again that day is to work hard for this house, because he would not to sell the house, that is what they already have no intention to lose, so he would rather work hard for fear of losing,fallen earth chips, usually will be accumulated over more and more.

Third: Gemini

Gemini likes to take care of others, like to take quite a lot of responsibility, but they are very generous on their own people, such as families reach out to them, he would recognize inexplicable, and sometimes will be very obedient. Frankly, if Gemini no burden to bear, but will become poor Oh, there is the burden of not're wrong.

The second: Sagittarius

The first is the person shooter himself restless, there is still more second he would get into trouble, a lot of shooters to be complacent, more money began indiscriminately beating, smashing, smashed into was deceived, or how kind of the start liabilities, after that, there is Zaipaqilai, in short, their life is rich with the money between the cycle of ups and downs belong to type.

The first: Capricorn

Capricorn One is a very sensible caring, that is, from childhood do not know why, he felt that eating at home with the family will be embarrassed, it seems to me to pay more only comfortable, be able to advance a society out of society, grown up,tibia gold, a sense of crisis also strong, and then the money is not enough, his life is being busy.

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Women's psychological aging signals 2010-01-28 03:49

Person's age physiological age, mental age of the points, we often put ahead of physiological age, mental age of aging known as "prematurely", "old-fashioned" and so on. This is a general statement, darkfall gold,what sort of people are prematurely, a psychologist summed up the early signs of mental aging Ten can help us to correctly identify. Measure of mental age is not a look at the actual age, some people's actual age is very young, but the mental age is already very high. Women are now more and more mental stress, a social given, family, or even their own for their own pressure.

First, the efficiency of low:

Decreased memory, good forget things, indecision, lack of vitality, doing one thing always dallying, a dragging its feet.

Second, competition degradation:

No innovative thinking on the cause, and often feel empty and tedious, especially the mental increasingly feel powerless.

Third, the inferiority complex:

When a person alone,fallen earth chips, often Changxuduantan, madding crowd, in the face outside of the spiritual world, often feel that they have become obsolete.

Fourth, the response to an exception:

On the one hand, and sometimes particularly sensitive to human relations, always felt that family members and others around trying to find fault with their own, numerous doubts; the other hand, sometimes I'd like exposure to everybody, the right place in their side, things turn a blind eye reaction to it.

Fifth, opinionated:

Whether to do something, want to use themselves as the center, according to their own wishes.

Sixth, evacuation lazy, lassitude:

Energy often feels a moral evil, a quiet, impatient and sleepy endless, often rely on drinking to Qiangdajingshen.

The seven, was withdrawn:

Like a loner, its own way. In particular, are unwilling to face the stranger, and often an excuse to avoid contact with strangers.

Its eight, thinking retardation:

When faced with unexpected events, often helpless, panic-free owners,tibia gold, Zhuaernaosai, I do not know how to do.

The nine, emotional trance:

Like to indulge in memories of past events, emotional vulnerability, emotional, "Children" and, when hot or cold, little value for those interested in things that reaction like nagging, but also do not like to hear whether other people want to hear.

Its 10, brash:

Life more easily swayed by emotions, words and actions in less and less rational elements. Easier to misinterpret kindness of others, listening to others opinions, not cool and explosive.

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How much weight loss of sleep is the best? 2010-01-27 02:52

Many obese people have a kind of experience, the more body fat more like sleeping, just want to sleep on the day after dinner, what do housework are not. Conversely, sleep,earth eternal gold, the more people the more fat has become a vicious circle. Although obesity is often those with respiratory problems, in itself it is easy to sleep, but most body fat is mainly due to body fat were lazy.

Then, the number of weight loss and sleep feel the most appropriate? We believe that the best sleep time is 7 ~ 8 hours, roughly 10-point rule for the night to sleep, get up as early as 6 am exercise, do not sleep at noon. After the food into the gastrointestinal tract, about 4 ~ 5 hours after eating to be completely emptied. Most of the family dinner to eat at 6 ~ 7 points to 10 points more than about 4 hours, food is basically completely empty at this time to sleep will neither heat stored up, tibia gold,not that bad they hunger. Sleep process requires only a very low energy on it.

If the bed early, then failed to consume the excess energy stored up gradually, leading to weight gain. If too much sleep at night, before going to sleep there will be a feeling of hunger, and forced himself to eat things that undermine this aspect of dietary treatment, the other hand, the consumption of excess calories due to go to sleep, so that energy into fat. Over time, will also increase the burden on the heart, or even heart failure. Therefore, in order to successfully lose weight, want to lose weight strictly arrange work schedules to ensure that weight loss to achieve the best results.

Is not sleeping too of the proposal is not mandatory, largely in order to avoid satiation after sleep. Because of sleep are most likely to eat flesh. Lunch siesta not only the heat can not be discharged, easily induced by fat, and most people have the spirit of the evening, after a nap, watching television late into the night, a vicious cycle,darkfall gold, eventually the body puffiness, fatigue weakness. So feel the need to get enough sleep at night, the next day in time to get up exercise to achieve weight loss purposes.

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Tantrism 2010-01-09 04:59

Born in India there is a little over 4000 years, Tantrism interested now more and more Westerners. What we offer? Sensuality, sense of discovery, intensification of desire, eroticism and relaxation. Interesting aion kinah, is not it?
Contrary to what one might think, Tantrism is not limited to sexuality. Also called the "Yoga of love", he encourages inner search to find the balance between the masculine (Shiva) and female (Shakti) which coexist in all of us. Sexuality is a recommended means to achieve it. Form of meditation, each partner learns about the other in its entirety by creating a spiritual fusion that goes far beyond the sexual performance that we know.
The "maithuna"
One goal of Tantra is to develop and harness the energy that lies dormant in us. The sexual act, called "maithuna is one of the options tibia gold that help meet this energy. By cons, do not hurry! Tantrism takes a lot of preparation and spiritual body where relaxation should be at the rendezvous.
The role of the muscle of love
In Tantric thought, it attaches great importance to training the muscle of love is the perineum. The latter is located between the genitals and anus and contracts during orgasm. By dragging a regular basis, you will be able to maintain a prolonged state of ecstasy. How to get there? Simply enter the perineum, rhythmically for a few minutes once or twice a day.
In women, this training is primarily used to feel an orgasm without actually gets carried away. To practice, just to get an orgasm or two to a reflex contraction of muscles and the perineum in retaining you as if you were going to urinate. Then relax and breathe deeply. With a little practice, you feel the accumulation of sexual energy in your body.
In humans, the weight of the perineum is used to hold the ejaculation. Considering it as a loss of vital essence, Tantrism therefore suggest to extend the rights of "maithuna" this way and feel too prolonged orgasmic ecstasy. Sexual energy is no longer projected to the outside earth eternal gold, it can then be channeled and circulated throughout his body.
Remember that this practice takes a lot of preparation. Tantric sexuality is a learning, a sensory neglect, which advocates a spiritual opening of self to another without taboo. 

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