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How beautiful woman in the end? 2010-02-24 07:31

"Beautiful" woman, a female student from a wealthy donor to the defendant in the court of tax evasion, from the screen Innocent young lady to drink and beat the mad woman, surrounded by applause from the flowers of the female artist to after taking drugs The smell gossips,aion kinah, initially you said De Qijin, finally even some of the trance.

Shu are few, because we wanted to sook a bit more difficult. Shu is the talk of intrinsic repair, and with the wisdom to show, most were and learn about. The past, instill respect for women was "a woman's only virtue to be ignorant", and is the "three from the four virtues," tied, so the "Shu" and chances are not much a handful of not surprising. But now more women the opportunity, are referred to as "half of the sky," the halo, and may still have a lot of people, "Shu" not up, why? At leisure, would like Leap Di, karaoke what, no time ah! Either the self-consciousness of those who lost, and rubbing away the pain of the feet, scratching their scalp, engage in any practice, this is a man's world , but also compete Gesha, take advantage of their own also "thin", quickly find a fool to marry a forget, also considered a life-long protection.

Some people say that the beautiful appearance is like a painting hanging on the wall, as time goes on, the color gradually shedding; beautiful qualities, like a jar of wine aged, the longer the more fragrant. A beautiful woman self-confident smile, decent manners, a very hall, Entering the kitchen, such as at sub-static, dynamic, such as de-rabbit, grace, generous, kitsch is not dyed. A beautiful woman, there should be an independent personality and a strong self-esteem, have their own to pursue and fought for the cause and persistence. A beautiful woman alone is a beautiful landscape, walking is also a sea of beautiful scenery.

What is beauty, men,

In the men's eyes, the beautiful woman is a book, appearance is the cover, the inner wisdom that is inside, no one would endlessly stare at the cover of view, their long-term recall with nostalgia the book content.

In the men's eyes, the beautiful woman than their clothes can be worn from time to wear, but to help the soul journey and walking stick,buy aion kinah, a strong support.

In the men's eyes, the beautiful woman is like a mystery, buried deep down in her endless treasures, your life is nearly time to dig, at any time so that you get surprises.

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