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Men attract woman correct methods 2010-03-31 08:31

99% men wrong! Correct and women talk is a known skills everyone learn will.

You To the woman successful must learn attract woman correct method. I mean is, you avoid 99% men mistakes. Most men close woman they usually no confident, they no maintaining meaningful eye contact and lacking necessary social skills to initial conversation generate attractive. Good news is correct and women talk are known a skills the, everyone like reading or snowboarding as the learning If correctly same women talk.

With women talk have three basic types. First, called information type conversation. That when you and women conversation,aion kinah, you just each theme using very commonplace or scientific sexual manner her instill information. Talk your next work arrangements is a good example. Obviously this not generate attractive. This may is why many scientists dating trouble reason bar. Second conversation type called unidirectional conversation. This can men most time talking himself without women to plug sentence can men not know how attract woman, or know how to Nvren challenged, therefore will fit turn to attract he.

Third conversation type called bidirectional conversation This high possibility go manufacturing on woman attractive because now she completely you attracted. But owns bidirectional conversation insufficient let woman being you attract. You also must completely clearly own who like a confident man. Women do not be those not know want in life what men attracted. Nvren nor will no spine man attract, you if always her obey then she will really you tired.

You will notice in you and types woman conducted exchanges they will you challenged. Was their used test your way so see your not you said that you. So when you try and she converses, she may start slowly you occurred interest. Years I learned one thing, women like test men. Therefore, they would do some may look strange thing. She may suddenly you buy her drink, She also may excuse go toilet then halfway stop and her awareness man chat. She not because despicable while doing She is just want see if you jealous Bale. Unreliable men would jealousy while reliable men will not. Therefore, beware these tests because they all times.

When you same women talk when to remember following:

1. Maintaining eye contact longer than normal time.

2. Ensure you has confident body language.

3. Asked her some free answer then let her play their.

4. Do To excessive talk themselves Never boast your work, money, or car because these things only convey unreliable information.

5. Ensure edge amplitude trimming. This will convey such information: you focus own appearance and you dignified.

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Women's fatigue with the "3 missing" relevant 2010-03-13 02:01

 Medical experts, the body's feelings of fatigue varies, women who are tired of men three times more. Women fatigue often associated with the "three missing" relevant, that is, iron-deficiency fatigue, lack of basic fatigue, lack of vitamin fatigue.

    Deficiency fatigue. Many women in order to maintain the slim body or smoothing of the skin, often refuse to eat meat, often vegetables, fruits, melons and other fill their stomachs, so that meals can not be an adequate supply of iron, it is easy for the body to bring a sense of fatigue. For women, cows and sheep eat 100 grams of pork and other red meat is necessary. Melon seeds, hazelnut, sesame and other nuts are rich in iron, is also good for health.

    Lack of basic fatigue. Many women often appear for no reason fatigue, memory loss, lumbar acid, leg pain, dizziness, insomnia, constipation and other symptoms, but to the hospital for further examination does not go wrong, which caused more by bad living habits, to change the first multi-movement, and secondly Eat more alkaline foods such as kelp, white radish, tofu, red beans, soybeans, apples, onions, tomatoes, spinach, bananas and so on. Thing was that the acid in acidic foods, such as grape, strawberry, lemon, etc. In fact, they are typical of alkaline food.

    Vitamin fatigue. Lack or inadequacy of vitamin B1, and often makes people feel weak, so eat plenty of vitamin B1 can eliminate fatigue, such as animal organs, meat, mushrooms, yeast, garlic and so on. Vitamin B2 is lacking or inadequate motor weakness, decreased endurance, but also prone to fatigue. Foods rich in vitamin B2 are eggs, milk, peas, beans, peanuts, seaweed, yeast, etc.

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A smile will make people more intelligent and sexual 2010-03-05 03:45

A lot of work and information from various sources, will not always make you feel that the brain has been almost completely "bursting" of? Fortunately, aion kinah,scientists have always been for us to find new ways to maintain brain vitality.

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, the researchers found that eating dark chocolate, smile, and regular sex life, can make the brain more sensitive at the same time slow down the aging.

This theory by experts from around the world research team concludes that it was recorded in a book called "self-training brain" of the book. The study found that dark chocolate increases brain gray matter in the food ranked first on the list. In which magnesium and antioxidant flavonoids alcohol, can increase the brain's oxygen supply, so that their brains turn faster.

Regular sex life is another big brain approach. Book lists the sexual process, the brain experienced 7 different chemical reactions. The results showed that sexual life, will be a corresponding increase in oxytocin levels, thereby enhancing the human thinking, problem-solving abilities; and sex life, the 5 - hydroxytryptamine elevated levels can also enhance people's creativity and logic judgment.

The smile is also a good way to maintain the vitality of the brain. It is in allowing itself to become agile, while thinking, but also stimulate the other side of the brain activity. The researchers found that, he saw a smile can reach the emotional climax of a short period of time, it is even more than "sex", "chocolate" and "shopping" brought to people's energy is even higher. In addition, the experts say, hug children, to read and study economics at university, but also beneficial to improve the brain's acuity. And look at soap operas, and depression of people together, people may become slow.

The experts therefore introduced a new concept - "BLISS" (physical happiness, laughter, participation, satisfaction and sexual life of the English acronym). In addition, the book's author, one of England Business of the University of Central Lancashire Professor Telihuoni said that to prevent a child alone to do their homework, parents or students make them more interested in companionship; adults to exercise brain, then loudly each day for 3 consecutive times from a few to 99. "In addition, we still need more, and there is a sense of humor to people rather than the sum of people love to complain about together because of their negative emotions will assimilate you."

Horney said: "For decades,aion kinah, we have always thought that the human brain's cognitive ability depends on genetics, but it now seems that what we eat, drink anything, what kind of mood, are the determinants of intelligence. A number of ways of life can not only slow down after 17 years of age cognitive weakness, and even can enhance people's cognitive abilities. "

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In the history of the strongest! 100 test bad mood of the six-step quit smoking method 2010-03-03 02:04

Of smoking by the study found that four out every five smokers want to stop smoking, but wanted to stop smoking among the four individuals, but only one can try to stop smoking. In fact, most people who really want to quit smoking is to be able to quit on their own on I asked myself the. Following the cessation of this gradual process has proven to be effective in the history of the strongest six-step method to quit! Thousands of people practice this method has been completely stop smoking, you also came to test bar!

Step one: analyze your smoking habits. To you usually within 24 hours during each smoking a cigarette, and you almost automatic cigarette lighter of time, registered in a table, at what time and why you need to smoke, to figure out these.

Step two: make up its mind, and never go back. Why do you want to have to write down the reasons to quit smoking, including quitting smoking, including post-What are the benefits. In your actions, you should make yourself believe that quitting smoking is worth ~ try things.

Step three: circle a date on the calendar, in this day all to refrain from smoking. This is the most successful approach, but also the least painful way to kick the smoking habit. Also, in order to make a fuss way to all the people declare themselves to quit, and this also helped. This can be debilitating when you will not yield a matter of pride. !

Step four: in the initial difficult period of quitting, you can try to use any thing to replace cigarettes. Chewing gum, melon seeds have to help. In addition, this time taking a small amount on a regular basis, "Wen Qing Hua smoking" quit smoking wine, has been proved to be effective smoking cessation methods that can help ex-smokers through the quitting period of suffering. It is the 28 Chinese herbal medicines into prescription Jiujin ancestral system, enabling ex-smokers to gradually reduce smoke emission, off cravings and eventually quit cigarettes. First, it makes those who quit suddenly felt "cigarettes is not so good" and to the gradual reduction, a broken tobacco addiction, the rest is self-correcting unconscious smokers smoking behavior. Baidu click "Wen Qing Hua addiction" can be found in a lot of information about it, but also available online mail-order.

Step five: do not smoke you want to enjoy the fun! Do not forget, you do not smoke, you can save more than a week or a few dozen yuan. You can be originally used the money saved from buying cigarettes, to buy something as its own reward.

6th Step: In the early weeks of quitting, try to eat low heat cards you want to eat food and drinks. Your appetite will almost certainly become well together. Four weeks prior to quitting smoking is the most difficult, and about eight weeks after you quit smoking basically successful.

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A beautiful woman who became his wife? 2010-03-02 01:49

"Children are their own good, a good wife is someone else" is a common man's psychology, and, in general, after a conclusion in the eyes of man's imprint more deeply, are love of the boys complain about how beautiful the girls themselves have encountered a less than expected in the romantic feeling so much discount, form families, the men looked at someone else's wife one month grace of excellence, is to make himself stand sits in a Huanglian Po, depressed increases frustration, why is it so? Think about what might be the following reasons:

First, the proportion of beauty is for certain.

However, as beautiful halo effect generated would be the perceived increase the proportion of beauty. Like to buy lottery tickets, a statistical one that annually produces hundreds of thousands of millionaires are, in fact, and compared to people who buy lottery tickets, or a small probability event, but the feel seems like winning is easy. So, never quite found a beauty it is normal, under normal circumstances the probability of encounter really is not high.

Second, the United States from the produce.

Did not closely related to a woman, you are only able to see far, but difficult to have the opportunity to close contacts, the distance between this space and the heart, and you will ignore the shortcomings of her attention to her attraction, and thus feels beautiful, but really become a part of your life, after a true and complete woman shaking all day long in front of you, beautiful gradually become a general.

Third, women's differentiated.

Most men see their women are the real side, because very few women at home, meticulously maintained his good image, but are more likely to sink the slippers, pajamas, hair disheveled, eating melon seeds, distortion on the sofa watching TV to pass the time, especially after the passion of the wedding. Women of course have their own reasons: on the outside to someone else installed one day, do not relax in their own homes? The woman you see outside is hardly a not fully armed from head to toe, from the eyebrows to the teeth. Of course, thanks to the credit of cosmetics.

4, beautiful, and money exchange.

Men love beautiful, beautiful woman, but do not want to waste their capital, are all fantasies can be the equivalent of money, the overall trend is that beautiful women are closer to the gathering place for the money, wallet shriveled ordinary man better to Ah Q 1:00: Let someone else to pay Pan raises see, let's contentment bar.

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Pain itself is necessary to understand these skin care tips 2010-03-01 08:29

The following tips may not be able to fully satisfy the curiosity of you, but I really want these skills to practical essence, to its dregs. Let us becoming larger and beautiful bar!

1, there is particular about the use of cream

We all know that cream is divided into morning and evening, meaning that the use of the cream during the day or at night, using cream is totally can not be reversed, and daytime moisturizing cream that contains the effect of multiple, while the night repair cream Zeyi type-based protection.

2, the most damaging cosmetics

Be used with care foundation, we all know that many of the foundation have lead content, so that will not only hurt our skin, but also allowed to continue down the bleak, so when the foundation will choose to select the big brands contain natural ingredients. So as not to lose again in the beautiful at the same time healthy.

3, the least valuable skin care products

A variety of Shui. Toner, Skin water, tender skin of water, Lipstick water, Shoulian Shui, etc. all kinds of water, basically the same ingredients, are more than 95% of the distilled water, the remaining 5% is the alcohol and spices, pigment mixed. As for the inside for the effect of real and effective commitment to the number of components, only the producers know.

4, the best choice for mask

Directly coated with the mask on the face and then wash away more than a paper mask with liquid above results much better.

5, Tu sunscreen thing to do before

With the bottoming of aloe juice. With the bottoming of aloe juice after sunscreen, sunscreen effect will be greatly enhanced. Tanning is not only difficult, but will not be dried in the sun. (Only the general public, the skin sensitive and extremely vulnerable not applicable)

6, before going to bed must not do a thing

Drink plenty of water. And a lot of water before bed will not only result in the next morning in the face, eye swelling, but also detrimental to the kidneys.

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