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Women living in the most effective weight-loss diet 2010-07-21 05:26

Statistics show that people who have tried to lose weight, only 2% of the truly successful and able to maintain. Most people are only slim for some time, weight down, and if they stop trying, body weight returned to the original level, perhaps even more than before. So people keep asking, thin really hard? And what approaches can we really do lose weight?

All the scientific research and proven, regular fitness with a reasonable diet, is to achieve a healthy body and slim figure the best way. And you will feel good, energetic, while also reducing the possibility of disease. In fact, this is as simple as your daily energy consumption of more than you eat, your weight will reduce. But to the reduced fat while preserving muscle, you have to exercise, particularly strength training should be conducted. So you will not only burns calories during exercise, and metabolism will be improved throughout the day, so you spend the energy increases. On the other hand, you have to change the eating habits, lose those junk food, so your food not only to provide you with essential nutrients work and life,ghd pink, without excess.

Diet Plan

On this premise, we must clearly give us different, what kind of food nutrition, food choices should be about in the following:

1, beans, lean meat, fish can give you the important proteins.

2, a lot of vegetables, fruits can provide you with carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and other important nutrients.

3, a small amount of fat is necessary for the body. But be careful not to overdose.

4, rice, pasta and other staple foods contain a lot of energy, and is easily digested, is thin that should be reduced.

5, junk foods such as cakes, biscuits, potato chips and other extruded food products are harmful to the body of a benefit, but also the enemy of your weight-loss.

However, any diet plan did not meet the fitness movement is impossible. Many studies show that regular exercise is to reduce and maintain the basic elements of body weight. Exercise can increase your metabolism level, so that you burn energy faster, and more. Strength training can also strengthen your muscles, enhance your metabolism so your body use energy as a small stove. Weight loss diet alone can only be counter-productive, your body will give you a disservice to slow down the metabolic level. If you have a reasonable diet, coupled with regular exercise, fat will naturally reduce the weight will naturally decrease.

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Oily skin whitening beauty with Lotus 2010-07-15 10:15

Characteristics of oily skin: sebum secretion of strong, large pores, it is easy to adhesion of dust and dirt, blocking pores, causing skin infections and acne. Because dirty easily, so the skin feeling very fresh,ghd straighteners uk, pale or shiny, or yellowish.

Oily skin care points: pay attention to thoroughly clean the skin, control oil, can use non-oily and pearl powder aids care, clean water (cool water or mineral water), aloe juice, cucumber juice, egg white and so on.

Specific methods:

1, daily care: every morning, take appropriate pearl powder (0.15-0.3g, individuals may need more) on the palm of the hand, mixed trace water, the two evenly mixed into the paste, that is, to deal with oily skin to become "super- Cleanser. " It has a very strong oil control, cleaning ability. After cleansing the skin will feel very fresh and comfortable. If there is greasy, the oil may be caused by too much or too little pearl powder, add the amount to be used until it is cool, comfortable feel.

2, White Oil Control Mask: full after cleaning with water and the amount of pearl powder (0.15-0.3g) to fully reconcile, uniform coating on the face, gently massage until the white pearl powder on the skin surface disappear. Do not wash away. This method can be done every day.

Pores are, can replace the egg white water, and pearl powder to fully reconcile, uniform coating on the face, gently massage, 15 to 20 minutes after the wash. 2 to 3 times a week can do. Both fatty and dry skin who can use aloe vera juice instead of water, the mixture, evenly coating the face, gently massage, 15 to 20 minutes after the wash, and finish, the coated layer of moisturizer. 2 to 3 times a week can do.

Under normal circumstances, persist in using the above method to obtain oil control effect immediately; last two months, the skin will clear up white face of the "oil" will disappear. Subsequent work, that should be moisture-based, rather than the oil control of the.

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