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Eat more vegetables and increase the attractiveness of Yixing Yuan 2010-11-08 06:54

It is often said to eat more fruits and vegetables good for health. British researchers found that eating fruits and vegetables also helps to improve skin tone, increase Yixing Yuan, people in the eyes of the opposite sex more attractive.

Color investigation
University of St Andrews colleagues led by Dr. Ian Stephen, a color survey. The researchers selected 54 white people, asking them to use computer software to adjust the digital image in the white face color, so that characters in the picture looks healthy and full of charm.

Respondents choose to increase the rose, yellow, enhance transparency, so that the skin looks red and shiny. The researchers said that the color red from eating fruits and vegetables.

British "Daily Mail" 17 Stephen quoted as saying: "Most previous studies focus on face and facial skin, but face one of the characteristics most likely to actually change the color."

"We allow respondents to change skin color and brightness, skin tan if they think the most attractive people, they will make the face turn yellow, dark," he said, "but on the contrary, they make the face look more yellow but brighter, with our intake of fruits and vegetables from the carotene colors more consistent. "

Stephen said: "In Western society, we often think the sun is the best way to improve the color, but our research shows that healthy lifestyle, good eating habits may be more effective."

Diet effect
Stephen explains that if heart and lung health, skin capillary blood and oxygen is abundant, healthy and radiant skin that appears. Smoking, diabetes and heart disease the number of small blood vessels in the skin, so they lack the color red.

Oranges, tomatoes and other fruits as well as carrots, spinach and other leafy vegetables rich in carotene. Carotene is an antioxidant, can absorb the body against diseases harmful substances generated in the process; it on the body's immune and reproductive systems is important, and possibly anti-cancer effect.

In nature, some birds and fish because the body contains carotene and colorful to attract the opposite sex. The researchers believe that the same biological mechanism may also act on humans.

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