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Ordered bag for clothes wrinkle free 2009-12-23 06:49

If you plan to travel from one city to another to visit your relatives during the holidays, you will find some helpful tips for lugging your clothes in your suitcase for that they emerge without a wrinkle.

Iron first. First of all iron your tibia gold clothes so they are not registered before packing.

Button up your shirt. Do not forget to button or zipper up your jackets, shirts, etc..

Choose the right bag. The choice of format of the bag is essential. If you have a lot of things, use two bags rather than to avoid piling your belongings in a pell-mell. Conversely, do not use too large suitcase to be empty in some places since the content may move in any direction during transport and thus wrinkling your clothes. Your or your bags must be compact and not too compacted.

Distribute the weight. Place the bottom of the bag items less wrinkly and heavier (shoes, containers, etc..) Not to crush the fragile garments.

Use plastic bags. Plastic bags are essential for packaging containers and products that could sink or dirty your clothes. Place these bags produced in the pockets of your travel bag or around your bag, not over your clothes.

Floor with plastic or tissue paper. Keep the clear plastic envelopes to the cleaners or use tissue paper and place a sheet of one or the other between each of your clothes. Plastic and tissue slide on tissue and reduce friction, thus minimizing wrinkles.

Roll some items. A good option for pants (to avoid the bend at the knees) and T-shirts.

Fill any holes. Use your tibia gold socks and your underwear to fill in the blanks of your suitcase. Thus, you will ensure that nothing will stand in your bag during transport.

Hold on to your arrival. In arriving at their destination, hang your clothes once more wrinkle on a hanger, conveniently in the bathroom. 

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Quinoa is a good food 2009-12-17 04:02

Quinoa originated in South America. It is cultivated for over 5000 years ago and he is only beginning to be part of our diet. Sacred grain of the Incas, the plant can reach 1 to 3 m in height and produces many grains of small size (2 mm in diameter). Quinoa is eaten as a aion kinah cereal, but botanically it is the fruit of a plant of the same family as spinach and beets. It therefore falls within the category of pseudo-grains, like buckwheat. The grain to be found most often on the market is yellowish.

Its content

Quinoa is known as an excellent source of iron. We found 1.85 mg in a half-cup of cooked quinoa, compared to 0.45 mg in brown rice. Even if our body absorbs the iron more difficult to plant than animal sources, the fact remains that quinoa is one of the cereals that provide the most. Also, quinoa has all other properties of grain, high in B vitamins except vitamin B12 which is present only in foods of animal origin.

Quinoa also distinguishes itself from other cereals by its rich in dietary fiber and various minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

What to do with quinoa?

The grains of quinoa are covered with saponin, whose taste is bitter. Therefore they should be rinsed in an alkali (baking soda and water) before cooking. Be sure to rinse until the water is more foam to remove all traces of saponin and avoid the bitter taste remains. Then they cook the grains for 15 minutes in 2 parts water to 1 part quinoa. We obtain grains remain slightly crunchy in the tooth.

Quinoa can easily replace the majority of cereals. It can also be added to soups, meat pies or the hamburger patties. If it is ground, it can be used in breads, pancakes, biscuits, muffins and even pasta. This will give a new taste to your dishes and you will change your accompaniments, which are often the same.

Where to find?

Quinoa is sold in most natural food stores, but we see more and more on the shelves of major grocery chains. It is often found in the section of natural and organic foods supermarkets, with other cereals.

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By bike to work! 2009-12-16 04:15

Why not tame your bike during the week? Redeem the car, metro or the bus against your bike to work! You save, protect the environment, and of course, be in better shape.

Going by bike to work is one of the most effective ways to incorporate physical activity in the heart of everyday darkfall gold life.

For a woman of 140 pounds an hour of moderate cycling makes you burn about 508 calories. This exercise also has the advantage of being virtually non-impact work to the buttocks and legs.

By bike, you forget the worries are that the car parking, gasoline prices, bus schedules, etc.. If you live in town, you quickly realize that the short trips often take much less time when they traveled by bike rather than in transit. You'll even need a subscription to the gym, or a bus pass: think of all the savings you make! That's not counting how much you'll be energized before starting your day!

Still not convinced? Here are some common concerns and normal, and suggestions to reassure you:
It's dangerous.
Going by bike to work is not dangerous in itself, as long as you stay very attentive. Contact your local cycling organization, you're likely to find advice on cycling safety. However Resist the temptation to ride on the sidewalk is more dangerous than riding in the street. Know the bicycle paths that you offer your city, they are the safest choice.
2.I do not want to arrive at work full of sweat!
Most people start to sweat 15 to 20 minutes after starting the physical effort. If your trip takes longer, more gentle pedal! Emphasize also garments made of ultra-breathable materials such as "Dry Fit". A tip: the bicycle panniers are preferable to backpacks to save you a wet back to work!
3.I do not want to change clothes.
Do not change your top. For cycling, wear clean pants that you attach to the forceps specially designed for this purpose. Bring your bag in a shirt or blouse and a pair of shoes. With a basket hanging in front of your bike, you can fly to work with your luggage! 

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Menu anti-breast cancer 2009-12-15 06:19

One in nine women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. By cons, know that a healthy diet to help reduce your risk by 40 to 60%. So why not put all the odds in your favor by eating healthier? We offer a list of your allies and your opponents on anti-cancer diet.

To add to your plate
They are at the top of our list. Cabbage, earth eternal gold,spinach, broccoli, cauliflower are just a few. Eating vegetables generally reduce 60% risk of having breast cancer. They are high in fiber (fruits, too) which is conducive to risk reduction. The folic acid present in these foods is the main reason for the correlation between a high intake of vegetables and reduced risk of cancer. To take full advantage of their benefits, it is recommended by the minister of public health to eat three to four cups per week. So, ladies, it's time to turn vegetables.
Olive Oil
This would specifically oleic acid content in olive oil which has an anti-carcinogen by blocking the action of a gene that is found in approximately 30% of people with breast cancer. U.S. researchers have observed in the laboratory the beneficial effect of oleic acid on cells infected with breast cancer. The largest source of this acid is just olive oil. So we can replace the more butter and margarine by this beneficial oil.

Eating fruit is another good way to prevent breast cancer. Women who eat a lot would have 6% less likely to have this type of cancer than those who ate little. The American Institute for Cancer Research say that the berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc..) Would prevent breast cancer because of their high fiber content, vitamin C and ellagic acid, a substance having the ability to reduce risk of cancer.
It lycopene, a potent anti-oxidant content in large quantities in tomatoes that have a beneficial effect on reducing the risk of breast cancer. Tomatoes as juice, paste or sauce are even more beneficial because its properties are more easily absorbable by the body in these forms rather than fresh.
Green Tea
Following various studies, The American Institute for Cancer Research has come to the conclusion that components of green tea could slow the development of a cancerous tumor and avoid even the appearance. It is therefore more effective in prevention and in terms of healing since it would not much effect on cancer made the second and third (most advanced) stage. This is the flavonoid, a component found in quantities three times higher in green tea than other teas, which would cause this protective power. About three cups a day would be a good amount.

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The supplement received lycopene tomato at once? 2009-12-12 06:52

The supplement received lycopene tomato at once? Men fans tomatées revenues are less at risk of prostate cancer. It was long thought that lycopene was the main driver of this protection. But he would not act alone .

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant from the carotenoid family ,tibia gold, present in large amounts in tomatoes.
This pigment gives the beautiful red color to the fruit. Better assimilated cooked, the best source of lycopene is not the raw food but the cooked tomato products: soup, sauce, ketchup, juice, Bolognese, concentrate, etc..

Epidemiology has suggested repeatedly the benefits of lycopene in the fight against prostate cancer in humans. And as always in these cases, the human hand extracted substance miracle to make the form of supplements, supposed to be much more active. Tens of thousands of Americans are already in daily use

Always the same salad

Researchers at the University of Illinois, Ohio, just take a famous stir by publishing data from long-term animal.

According to them, lycopene would be a factor in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Its presence in the prostate tissue and blood of humans and animals without the disease reflects exposure to lycopene but also to other compounds "X" of the fruit, which probably act in synergy with the pigment.

This hypothesis is drawn from an experiment conducted during 14 months in rodents subjected to chemically prostate cancer. Animals received either a control diet (no detectable lycopene) or the control diet with a supplement of lycopene (the same dosages as those given in humans) or the control diet mixed with whole tomato powder ( with seeds and skin), ten times less rich in lycopene.

Tomato sees red

At the end of study, animals fed the tomato powder showed a longer survival without prostate cancer than the other two groups. Their risk of dying from breast cancer was reduced by 26% compared with controls whereas in rodents supplemented with lycopene did not show a better record of health than untreated animals On the question of which compounds interact with lycopene, there are still no answers.

This study, of course, requires confirmation in humans (they are on track ), calls again on the reckless use too quickly and systematic nutritional supplements. A new molecule is hardly identified, it is already the subject of patents for its implementation in capsule!

They forget that the tomato, and all foods in general are actually complex entities where each ingredient has its role to play in synergy with other components.

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The warm-up exercises for golf 2009-12-09 04:26

Here are five warm-up exercises we provide Dino Masson, Bachelor of Kinesiology and great golfer currently on board a draft magazine collaborative Web-based form, nutrition and sports. Be sure to make a few minutes before you set off on the golf course.

Squat, stick above the head
Lebâton hold above your head with your arms. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Remove the buttocks as if you sit on a aion kinah chair. Step back from your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your back is straight and your heels remain on the ground. Repeat five times.

Cleft side elevation of the stick
Hold the stick in the thighs with the hands placed at shoulder width. Take a step left out the bottom and keeping the back straight. Bend the left leg and keep the right leg extended. Simultaneously lift the golf club at eye level. Bring left leg back down the center and stick on your thighs. Do the same with the right side and perform the sequence five times.
Rotate hips, stick on the shoulders
Place the stick on your trapezius and make sure your hands are placed wider than your shoulders. Rotate left to right hip. Do not exert too much force and try to go naturally. Repeat 10 times.
Shoulder roll
Place your arms at shoulder height, parallel to the floor. Make small circles with your arms from front to rear and grow more and more circles. Do the same in the other direction and repeat ten times.

Rotate wrists
Join your hands together in front of you, make small circles for about thirty seconds. Repeat once or twice. The most advanced golfers can perform this movement with a light stick in his hands.

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